— Make sure you have the right kind of story for this particular website. Highly praised story may or may not serve my purpose, in which case it will not be accepted.

— Translations should be suitable for global audience. Indian-English phrases and expressions are not acceptable. However, relational terms exclusively possible only in Indian culture like Amma, Nanna, Vadina may be used, with a little footnote explianing the actual meaning in a given context.

–Editing is author’s job, not mine. Please, do not expect me to edit, spell-check, grammar-check, etc. And prepare a readable copy. Frankly, it would not be good since I would not have seen the original.

–This is not a commercial magazine. It is a one-person operation without absolutly no financial gain of any sort. There is no cost to you. The reward is in the exposure my site gives to your work.

Email submissions in Word format to thulik.amalathi@gmail.com

Thanks for your interest. Your cooperation is much appreciated.

Malathi Nidadavolu,


April 4, 2021

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