— This website is dedicated to publishing translations of Telugu stories which specifically feature/introduce to international audience the Telugu culture and traditions peculiar to Telugu people. I must admit that I have translated/accepted some stories that have not met my goal. i regret the decisions I have made in the past. In future, I intend to adhere strictly to the criterion stated above. I request you to make sure that you have the right kind of story for this particular website. A story well-received by Telugu audience and/or award-winner does not necessarily mean that it will be suitable for this website. It will not be accepted.

— Translations should be suitable for global audience. Indian-English phrases and expressions are not acceptable. However, relational terminology common in Telugu culture only like Amma, Nanna, Vadina may be used, with a footnote explaining the actual meaning in a given context.

–Editing is the translator’s job, not the site editor’s. Please, do not expect me to edit, spell-check, grammar-check, or any other corrections. Make sure you are sending a readable copy.

–This is not a commercial magazine. It is a one-person operation with absolutely no financial gain of any sort. There is no cost to you. The reward is only in the exposure this site gives to your work.

Send submissions to editor@thulika.net

Thanks for your interest. Your cooperation is much appreciated.

Some suggestions for translating publication on this site, Guidelines for translations

Malathi Nidadavolu,

April 4, 2021

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