The Wake up Song they Sang y P. Sridevi.

Ramam was walking slowly, watching his steps. He was new to walking on a concrete road. The rain just stopped. The sun was blazing forth in full blast. It was still midday, nowhere near cooling down. The cement road was still wet. Ramam was afraid that he might slip and fall. That’s why he was…… Continue reading The Wake up Song they Sang y P. Sridevi.

Malathi Who?

MALATHI WHO? Shakespeare raised The compelling question What is in a name? So I thought too, until now. A query popped up in my head, Who’s Malathi? All the intriguing relationships Among Indians! I am Chinnamma, the little lady, at home Peddamma at work, the supevisor, Attamma for brother’s kids Pinnamma for sister’s kids And,…… Continue reading Malathi Who?