I started this website in June 2001 with a specific purpose, that is to introduce our Telugu culture and customs to non-Telugu audience. After I arrived in America in 1973, I noticed two things: First, there are plenty of misconceptions in each country–both in America and India-about the other country-. Second, there is a plenty of interest among Americans to learn about our culture. Several of my friends encouraged, spurred, motivated me to embark on this journey. It is my pious hope that these stories render a clearer picture of India a little at least.

Translations of Telugu stories are designed to serve that purpose. Thus the selection for translations is based, not on the literary standing of the writers but on the stories that reflect, explain, elaborate on our culture and customs. In a way, this eliminates stories describing current day stories, since modern day Andhra Pradesh is Westernized and do not reflect our culture and customers. Also, this site is exclusively dedicated to Telugu fiction. Stories from other stories are not entertained.

Over the years, close to 120 stories have been translated and published. About 20 articles on various writers/topics of interest in Telugu literature have been published. Some of these stories are compiled into 3 anthologies and published by reputable publishers. The site has been quoted as useful source for researchers in some universities across the globe.

Writers interested in submitting translations and articles may keep in mind my goals mentioned above and select stories suitable for this site. Authors/translators are requested to follow our guidelines. For details, click on Guidelines for translations.
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August 25, 2022