Heavenly Bliss by Poranki Dakshina Murthy

Suddenly, from out of nowhere, people started pouring into our town; not just a few small crowds, but a multitude of them.   Our shelter was flooded with folks day in and day out. And there were who had no room anywhere. They started cooking on somebody‚Äôs front porch. A few others set up tents…… Continue reading Heavenly Bliss by Poranki Dakshina Murthy

Policies and Guidelines

Our Policies and Objectives, UPDATED APR. 2021 I started this website in June 2001 with a specific purpose, that is to introduce our Telugu culture and customs to non-Telugu audience. After I arrived in America in 1973, I noticed two things: First, there are plenty of misconceptions in each country–both in America and India-about the…… Continue reading Policies and Guidelines