Chataka Birds

I have posted this novel previously and deleted it, after a friend pointed out it needed editing. I went through the text the best I could and posted the revised version. CHATAKA BIRDS 2023REV My apologies for the inconveniece. Your patience is appreciated. Nidadavolu Malathi. March 26, 2023

P. Sathyavathi. The Song

                                         My Song by P.Sathyavathi    I checked my appearance in the mirror and felt satisfied. The sweet face that looked back at me was indeed, enticing. I was about to embark on a journey on to the other bank of the river. I was inexplicably happy that day, perhaps due to my youthful energy, or due…… Continue reading P. Sathyavathi. The Song

Lead me to Light! by Vasireddy Sitadevi.

“Is that Gopalam? Why are you walking away as if you’ve not seen me?” Rama Sastry called out. Gopalam was startled. He was lost in his thoughts; did not pay attention to whereabouts. He turned around and saw a vague outline, short, stout, and rounded as if three balls were stacked up. The man who…… Continue reading Lead me to Light! by Vasireddy Sitadevi.

Lakshmi Puja Day by Bhandaru Acchamamba

(Translator’s note: The Telugu original, dhanatrayodasi, by Bhandaru Acchamamba(1874-1905) has been published, originally, in Hindusundari monthly, November 1902. Reprinted on in 2006. My translation has been published in 2009 on this site, and included in the anthology, Penscape, An Anthology of Telugu Short Stories. The art work on the cover has been created by…… Continue reading Lakshmi Puja Day by Bhandaru Acchamamba

Evolving Values by J.P. Sarma

(The unpublished Telugu original, Ammamma Uttaram, translated by Dr. Suguna Kannan.) Grandmother’s Letter: Dear Chiranjeevi Lakshmi Sowbhagyavathi(1) Kamakshi, This is your grandmother Narasamma writing to you… We do speak every day over the phone, but there are some things one cannot share over the phone so, this letter. Our neighbor’s son has promised to post…… Continue reading Evolving Values by J.P. Sarma

Festival of the Ancestors by Endapalli Bharathi

Translated by V.B. Sowmya 000 “Annampoddu festival is here. Every woman in the village should now get ready for a day of backbreaking work!” – I sighed, as I sat to rest after whitewashing the house, cleaning the floor and drawing muggu1. “Why do you sound so vexed, amma (mother)?” my daughter asked, walking towards…… Continue reading Festival of the Ancestors by Endapalli Bharathi

Past as Present by Mallipuram Jagadeesh

Translated by V.B. Sowmya (Author’s note: Destruction takes the same path anywhere, anytime. Every political decision in any country in the world first affects its indigenous peoples. All the development or change that happened in the world involves sacrifice from many indigenous communities. This is what I want to convey through this story. Translator’s note:…… Continue reading Past as Present by Mallipuram Jagadeesh

Dear Almighty! A Letter to God (sketch)

By Nidadavolu Malathi Highly regarded, most revered, Almighty and Omniscient Devudu garu, I, one of the tiny specks from your vast universe of zillions of creatures, am presenting this letter with utmost respect and humility for your kindest consideration, and may I add, appropriate action. It is my pious hope that you would take a…… Continue reading Dear Almighty! A Letter to God (sketch)