You never know until you try

What you really meant to me

What I am to you

What we can b e when we are together

When you can break the silence

Just say “I believe you”

Which is more precious to me than love?

I am lost without you

In this world of calculations

Quaint amidst chaos…

Searching for you like a shadow

Like a child in a carnival

Preserved like an antique

Which no body wants to take home

I always look for you..

Are you there for me or not?

I know you, yet Checking

Over my shoulder of responsibilities

My untold inhibitions and fears

Hidden deeply in my heart’s closet

Which you only can wipe-off with just a shrug..

I am waiting for you forever

In the light and darkness of life

In my automatic routine things

I See you whenever and wherever

Similar to a ray of hope

I always hope to come true

Why I’m never tired of waiting?

Are you tired of trying? ..

Well you never know until you try..


Walking thru shadows

Numb mind and thoughts freezed

Wry smile at the corner of lips,

Remember the day when you left me forever..

Trees are listening

Nodding their heads with devotion

As if they are feeling my pain,

Gives me solace which humans can’t give

Creek of the porch gate

Hum of the curtain saying it’s all over

Hurried breeze to take my tear away,

Saying I am not alone….

Surprised why I feel?

When I have you in and with my soul,

But… believe me

You will never go if you look back once…


Published on, March 2003.